Prix de Rome Gwenneth Boelens, Exposure Piece (Sensitizing), 2010, installation 450 x 660 cm, glass negative and print 127 x 170 cm medium: collodium glass negative, gelatin silver print on aluminium, metal, dance vinyl, crayon
Prix de Rome Gwenneth Boelens, Negative. Rather than Truth, 2010, 68 x 58 x 74 cm, wood from reproduction table, ceramic notepad, magnifying glass, metal, crayon on glass, ink-jet prints
Prix de Rome 2011 interview Gwenneth Boelens


1980, NL, lives and works in Amsterdam

The work of Gwenneth Boelens revolves around the analysis of the gaze. That which can be perceived or remembered, is detached from its common context and “translated” into spatial, photographic and filmic installations. Her work often focuses on the connection between logic and subjectivity, observation and inner thought processes. Recently Boelens has worked from her fascination for negatives, using one of the first photographic techniques.