Prix de Rome Pilvi Takala, Broad Sense (2011) Installation with 19 T-shirts and video, 8 min 30 sec, color, sound. (Prix de Rome 2011 exhibition) image by D. Nicolas
Prix de Rome Pilvi Takala, "Real Snow White", 2009, 9 min video
Prix de Rome Pilvi Takala, "The Players" 2010, 8 min video
The Real Snow White (exerpt) Prix de Rome 2011 interview Pilvi Takala


1981, FI, lives and works in Amsterdam

Pilvi Takala videos, artist books and installations are always based on interventions in specific social settings. The unwritten rules of a certain situation might seem quite clear at first sight, but there's always grey areas that are left in between the rules and have potential for something new to emerge. In her work Takala is stepping into these grey areas, which are embarrassing and unpleasant by nature, but too exciting to be left untouched.